Saturday, February 21, 2009


Vivianne is one of the main characters of Essence of Angel. Today I am wondering if she is a Mary Sue.

I just watched a travel program about northern Iran on BBC. Apparently Zoroastrians don't believe in burying their dead, because it pollutes the earth, or in cremating them, because it pollutes the air. So instead, they used to take their dead to this tower outside the city and leave them for the vultures. That's awesome.

Every six months they would switch to "the other tower" and sweep all the bones into a pit, and then dump acid on them or something. Not so environmentally friendly, I'm thinking.

Unfortunately, due to a decline in the Zoroastrian population, a lot of the vultures have moved on. Now they bury their dead in graves lined with concrete.

If Vivianne had a pet vulture, then she would be a Mary Sue.

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