Monday, February 04, 2019

In process, January 2019


This month my writing was somewhat infused by the things I was reading.
Persephone: Cat burglar and heist stuff, and pandemic stuff. Migratory patterns of Canada geese? Farsi for Beginners?
WWS Chapter 13: reading some poetry made me at least think about how I use language a little more. Also worked quite a lot on chapter 14. It would be cool if I could get to maybe a chapter per month this year… Or even more! If I could finish the wretched thing!

“Wind/Water/Salt”. Posted Chapter 13.

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Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). At the start of the month I had the right shoulder, the collar, and a lot of finishing to do. The finishing is making a huge difference in some of the pieces. This actually was a good portable project, the first time it’s been portable! I carried a sleeve and a crochet needle to band practice! This will be done soon, and I can't wait.
FI Corset belt. Still 1.5 inches done. Ignored.
Drachen (knitty Fall 2018). Worked on this while being a passenger, and while reading the internet. I had 8 inches of the body before, now I have 11.

Made bias tape (why do I love this?) to make a tank out of a turtleneck since I hate turtlenecks.