Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What I read -- August 2013

"River of Stars” by Guy Gavriel Kay. Awesome, of course. IIt left me wandering around my office in my stupid-high heels thinking about foot binding. This is the first one of his books where I’ve really noticed how much stuff happens off-stage. It’s an epic the scope of which some people would take six or ten books to tell. He manages to fit it into one volume -- an example of “if I’d had more time I would have written it shorter.”

“Heartless” by Gail Carriger. This was never going to show up just on the shelf at my local library, so I requested it. I had a hard time getting started, possibly because it had been so long since I’d read the previous ones. Once I got going, though, what fun!

“Some Kind of Fairy Tale” by Graham Joyce. It was mentioned so many times in Locus, and reviewed in Salon. When I started reading, I was thinking it seemed kind of thin, and I couldn't see how it would sustain over a whole novel. However, the characters were fabulous, and the story moving back and forth in time. You never have to believe Tara for the story to work, and that's a great thing. This would be a good gateway fantasy novel.

“Tishomingo Blues” by Elmore Leonard. When he died someone linked to Margaret Atwood’s review of this. It reminded me of my dad’s writing style. I wonder if that’s an age thing? Satisfying.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In process -- August 2013

First Draft
“Cold Summer”. Short story. It’s terrible.
“Limering”. Why yes, we’ve seen this name before. But that short story was crap, and I have an idea it’s perfect for that I might do for Nanowrimo. It’s in the notes-and-noodles stage. 

“Imp Face”. Some ‘real writer’ online suggested doing a draft in a different mode, things like that, to liven it up. So I set it in the same world as “wind/water/salt”, which is how it got tension, since it was just a sequence of events before. This is probably the most radical change I’ve ever done for a second draft. And then more cleaning for the third draft. Once I've typed up those changes, it might be time to take a break from this story. 

1 out there.
8 rejects for 2013 so far.

“Ceremonial Armour”. KF cardigan. Six rows from finishing the bodice. I haven't been working on it because I'm not sure it's long enough so I'm being passive-aggressive about it. 

IK Vertex cardigan spring 2013. Done. 
Penzance. Deeply into easy parts.

Eye Lace Tunic IK Summer 2013. Perseids. Started because it was August 11 and, well, perseids. Done the back and front.