Monday, November 29, 2004


I'll start with this:

The original sock scarf. I don't think it's that bad. Posted by Hello

And here's an update on Lily of the Valley.

This is why we block. The lower sleeve is the one I finished a few weeks ago. The upper is the one I finished yesterday. It's a bit wizened. Posted by Hello

The body is blocking right now... well, half of it is. I blocked the front on the weekend, and this evening I blocked the front. I three-needle bound off the shoulders, so it's kind of tough to work with right now. But I can't work on it, so I started this:

This is my new swatch. I wanted to see which colors I would like, and I think I'm going with the red and tan (top right corner). Posted by Hello
I also wanted to see what needles would work. The pattern calls for US3. I like US2 with this yarn. It's going to be Manhattan by Jean Moss.

Monday, November 22, 2004

A Crisis of Epic Proportions

Project: Tiger Eyes from Socks, Socks, Socks by XRX
Yarn: Patons Kroy

They're knit from the toe up, which is good, I guess.

I once read that you just follow the heel instructions blindly. Now I know better.Posted by Hello

The problem was mine. I thought when you start the heel is where the heel starts. Apparently it's in the middle of the foot.

I had chosen the pattern based largely on the fact that I needed a pair of dark blue socks, and I only had one ball of dark blue sock yarn, and the pattern led me to believe that I might be able to make these socks with just the one ball. I think it was a full ball of dark blue yarn, though the label had fallen off. I knew just after the heel of the first sock that I was in trouble. So, I got another set of needles out and started the second sock.

And this is where I ran out of yarn. Posted by Hello

I needed a positive knitting experience this weekend, bcause of the whole hurtful sock scarf debacle. So, I grabbed another ball of yarn and kept going.

Tiger Eye socks Posted by Hello

If you click the picture, you might be able to see the two-tone nature of them.

This is the pair of socks I needed to finish (in addition to the as yet unfinished Lily of the Valley Pullover) so that Ican buy some frangipani. And then perhaps I will make Eternal, the companion sweater to Immortal, which I started in October. Or maybe I will make the Beth Brown Reinsel Danish Nor-something from the Winter IK. Or I could make both.

Maybe I'll take a picture of Immortal on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tipsy Knitter Socks

Apparently having a blog is going to teach me HTML whether I like it or not. I'm trying to figure out how to get several pictures into the same entry, and with the Hello/Picasa freeware, it's not exactly intuitive.

Today's entry, however, is not about pictures. It's about socks.

Project: Tipsy Knitter Socks

Pattern: It's in Socks, Socks, Socks from XRX.

Yarn: Sandnes Sisu. Splits more than Kroy, but I don't mind. It's a nice color.

Tipsy Knitter Socks Posted by Hello

See, they fit! Posted by Hello

And with the fabulous shoes I bought... Posted by Hello

The shoes are Rockport Lorenes. They are very light. And this picture reminds me, I need to clean the dining room table before Ed comes home, so he can continue to think that I keep it neat all the time when he's not around.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Lily of the Valley

Project report: Lily of the Valley Pullover

Pattern from: Jamieson's 3

Yarn: Briggs and Little Sport

I have altered the body of the garment by making the armholes deeper (two inches, rather than one-and-a-quarter) and making the V deeper (I really should post a photo of mine, you can see the difference), which necessitated adding some shape to the sleeve cap.

Lily of the Valley Pullover Sleeve Posted by Hello
You can't tell from this picture, but it really needs blocking.

I started this sweater back in early May. I did the back in about a month, the front in about four months, and then yesterday I finished the first sleeve. The sleeve took me a week. I think I will allow myself two weeks for the second sleeve, and then a week for the finishing. So, if I also finish the socks I started on Friday, I will be buying that Frangipani I've been lusting after on around December 5.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Most recent stupid karate injury Posted by Hello