Sunday, March 28, 2010

Indian Winter

If that's not a racist thing to call it, it's what we're having now. I made it up, but it's defined as when the weather goes back below zero after the first commercial patio day. And we went to the Firkin's patio last Friday.

Indian winter is nice for running, though. There's a construction site on my run, and a lot of mud. Today it was nicely firmed up, though I had to run around, not through, because they were working (on a Saturday!). I guess they're behind schedule already.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word of the day: Wendigo

I first encountered this word a few weeks ago on Leah Bobet's blog, but I skipped over and paid it no nevermind. Anyway, it caught my eye again today when I was reading a short story. So I googled it. In November, I did like an hour of research of first-nations (specifically ojicree) mythology when I was writing the zombie karate novel. How did I not find this? How did I not learn about wendigos (wendigoes?) when I was learning mythology in high school English? And manitous? One of my friends goes to Camp Manitou every summer. How did I not know? Was I asleep? Is this proof of my ADD which no one else agrees I have? What?

I'm not needing to culturally appropriate or anything, but it would have been cool to know.

Also, this is awesome: Not sure I ever finished a Heinlein novel. I know I didn't finish "The number of the beast" on account of I found it totally sexist. When I was 15.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The weirdest thing happened

Last night I opened the file with my newest short story in it, and found the spot where I'd left off, and put my fingers on the keyboard, and about 600 words fell in. Nice.

I realized I just can't stand to edit all this crap

So I started writing new, fresh words.

How can I make things not get worse when I edit them? I am so scared to even look at the zombie thing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jobs I don't want

Today I was surfing a job posting website in my field, and I came across this skill/requirement:
Ability to gather, clarify and apply information transmitted verbally,
while exhibiting a genuine interest toward the speaker.

Too funny.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Seems like spring

Last Sunday we went cross-country skiing. Yesterday (Sunday) we went rollerblading. Weird.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Readers, having them

Yesterday my friend finished reading the karate zombie novel, which I find amazing. He got through the whole thing! He suggested I add a couple of chapters to give closure on some of the minor characters, which I don't know, may be necessary. I haven't read it.

And I sent off Dolphin to the TPL writer-in-residence, which should provide interesting feedback. We'll see.

So I think I'll give Dolphin a couple of weeks of rest, and work on Bezoar in the meantime.

And maybe start reading my karate zombie novel.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In process, Feb 2010

Manners. First draft novel. 85% complete.

"Dolphin". Short Story. Editing -- just finished the 4th draft? Got the POV right now. Trying to heighten the horror or tension or, well, anything. If every story has a flaw that you just have to get the reader to ignore, I think the flaw of this story is that nothing much happens in the first half. Maybe somehow I can fix that, or make my poor innocent readers ignore it.

"Bezoar". Short Story. Third draft.

"In a Nutshell". 233 words of start.

Out there, Feb 2010

"Unicorn" - Out to market #3. Still.

I need to get something else in circulation.

Monday, March 01, 2010

What I read -- Feb 10

I intended to read five books this month so that I could keep on track to 52 books this year, but somehow that didn't work out. I blame Maire (sweater) that I was knitting.

"Sun of Suns" by Karl Schroeder. He's the TPL writer-in-residence right now, so I thought I should read something he wrote in case I decide to go to one of his lectures or submit my work to him (I was thinking I would submit something, but I'm afraid he'll be all full up by the time I'm ready). He thanks David Nickle in the acknowledgements, another Toronto one degree of separation thing. Does every F/SF/H writer in TO owe David Nickle? V. strange. I didn't like the italic font, and the love interest sub-plot for the main character seemed very sudden. Other than that, it was a neat world, with neat characters. Way better than Ringworld.

Clearly I don't read enough hard SF.

"The Invisible Hook" by Peter T. Leeson. An entertaining look at how golden age pirates (1716-1726) ran their businesses. Because pirate ships were stolen and therefore were kind of owned collectively (or not at all), and because piracy was/is illegal, they were able to make progressive-seeming business decisions. I liked it so much I guess I bubbled, because everyone else in the house wants to read it, too. I kept telling the boy there's no plot, but he insists that's fine. Somehow I made the book sound like mario cart, apparently.

On both the OWW and VP lists, there were discussions recently about how no one reads the preface, and if you have one, just make it chapter 1... Both these books had prefaces that were treated as chapter 1. This annoyed me. Especially the "chapter 1" of the pirate book put me off and made me think it was going to be a much slower, more boring read than it was. I wonder if at some point the same people who now don't read the prolog or preface or introduction are going to stop reading Chapter 1, also.

"Wondrous Strange" Lesley Livingston. I got it for Christmas, presumably because I asked for it. It was on my list, though I don't remember why. Someone must have said it was good. And it was. It covered some of the same ground as, say, Holly Black's "tithe" or those Cassandra Clare books. There was a lot of "Midsummer Night's Dream" in it, which I also have characters out of in Toothbrushing Club (need to work on that, almost pulled out the draft....) But they are different characters than I used, which is good. Toronto author.

While I was reading this, I had a moment of annoyance with JKRowling, which I guess is odd and random. There are a lot of faerie creatures that come up in those stories -- bogarts, red caps, etc., -- and if you don't read much, you think those are her ideas. I'd like her to have done acknowledgements at some point in one of the seven books. That's all.

I had a title about X-C skiing, but I forgot it...

...which is kind of lame. I did get to go cross-country skiing twice this weekend. These were probably the only two times I'll get to do that this winter, because the snow is going fast. It was nice to get some, though.

I think it's time to start planning my approach to editing the karate zombie thing. I'd like to not wreck it.

Finished Maire by Margaret Mills. Maybe later I'll photograph it and put it on Ravelry. It came out well.