Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Today I am at home with a sick boy. Well, not so sick now. He's feeling much better. The last time he threw up was around midnight, so I think tomorrow he can go back to school. However, I am missing my team leader's goodbye lunch. Her last day is tomorrow. The other writer in the group is off with a sick child as well. I don't think the illnesses have anything to do with each other.
On to knitting.
I suppose it happens to everybody, but I'm sick of all the projects I'm working on. I can't start another project, because then I would have four projects really far from completion. Sometimes it makes sense to start something small and finish it just to boost my ego, and sometimes it doesn't. Right now is a doesn't.
Way back in February of 2003, I bought this kit:

Peacock shawl by Dorothy Siemens, Fiddlesticks Posted by Hello
I bought it to participate in a lace-along on KBTH. I did the swatch.
I finally started the knitting back in December. I'm on row 137 of 250, but each row is longer than the last, so I'm nowhere near half-way done.
Then there's this.

Manhattan by Jean Moss Posted by Hello
It's knit at about eight stitches to the inch, and this is the only piece I've started, so there's a ways to go here, too. I guess the good thing is I'm going to have a couple of balls of yarn leftover. I'm somewhat concerned about the curl on the ribbing. Maybe it will block out (stop laughing). I think I showed the swatch for this a while back.
And there's Immortal.

Immortal Posted by Hello
It's my own design. I'm going to have about five balls of yarn leftover on the black, and I don't think I'll even use one of the KPPPM. So there are black socks in my future. Yay. I'm afraid to finish it. What if it doesn't work out? But I slog away anyway. I need to finish something so I can buy more yarn.
Perhaps I will try to figure out how to buy some Frangipani. That should make me feel better. Or maybe I'll just finish "Assassin's Quest".

Monday, January 17, 2005


I read a lot of fantasy literature. Right now I'm reading "Assassin's Quest" by Robin Hobb. It's really good, but I have a pet peeve.


Look it up, for god's sake. Erstwhile means "former". When you write, on p. 149, "while my erstwile king sleeps..." and he's the antagonist, and has the crown on his head because he cheated his brother and killed his father, it's not the "former" king you're talking about. He's the king presumptive, maybe in this case. You might as well say he's an impostor or pretender, but he's not erstwhile.

I don't blame Robin Hobb. Tons of people do this in fantasy. I blame the copy editors.

Thus ends today's rant. I feel better now.