Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Pie smoothie

As I mentioned on Twitter, last week I passed my level one aerial hoop test. It involved such skills as hanging by one knee, hanging by one arm (my worst skill), pullover (adrenaline got me over), mermaid, and spinning for 20 seconds (ugh, queasy). After circus, we have a ritual smoothie. This week's was Pumpkin Pi(neapple). The last time I made a Pumpkin smoothie, it didn't go over that well. It was too thick maybe, or too rich. This one worked better, and it got two cans out of my fridge, so win!

2 cups milk
3 scoops vanilla frozen yogurt
1/2 can pumpkin pie filling
1/2 can pineapple with juice

Blend it! Yum!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

In process - Sept 2013

First Draft
“5 dead mice”. Flash.
“Limering”. Wrote more notes.
“Soporific Pheromones”. Flash.
“Foundling”. I thought it was flash, but it took on a life of its own. I think it’s almost done. Once again, I didn’t know what it was about until the end.

Whatever I’m doing, it’s not working. Every day I leave this to the last minute, and then it’s 12:30 and I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with whatever the task is, so I mark up a page or two, and then I get to the spot where I just can’t move forward (usually because the narrative flow has collapsed in on itself, or I made a terrible decision in a previous draft) and I give up and go to bed. 

For October I think I’m not going to pretend to edit every day. Instead, Monday eve I will give it a couple of hours, and Wednesday evening or maybe Thursday another couple. 

“Imp Face”. Finished up the third draft then gave it a rest, then did a fourth draft. I had a “brilliant” idea on how to fix the beginning. We’ll see if it works. I’m going to print it off today and improve that beginning again, and the ending doesn’t match the beginning anymore. I can fix that! 

“Selkie Girls are Easy”. Last month I’d read Imp Face in a spare half hour with a highlighter, and that was such a good experience I meant to do it with this story. But then I started reading and immediately decided to start the story four pages in, removing an awful and boring sex scene. I'm sure it's better now. 


2 out there.
8 rejects for 2013 so far.

Ceremonial Armour. KF cardigan. Bodice done so I could use the needle on something else, need to sew and cut the steeks. 

Penzance. So close. 

Hella Fair isle dress in Kauni. Shoulders. I am addicted to this one, obsessed even. 

Eye Lace Tunic IK Summer 2013. Perseids. I had put the back and front together and blocked them at the end of August. The inserts never really blocked out to the proportions described in the pattern, maybe due to the yarn I used.  Still, I sewed it together and it’s fine. It’s a bit sparkly for work, but I wore it anyway. A grey tank underneath and jeans make it calmer than a black tank and leggings. 

Carousel socks. Barely started.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What I read -- Sept 2013

“Blackwood” by Gwenda Bond. It had been on my list since it came out, and when she posted that it was $1.39 ($1.48 CDN) on Kindle, how could I resist? The first chapter didn’t really draw me in, but then the ball got rolling and it was great.

“An Artificial Night” by Seanan McGuire. Book 3 of the Toby Day novels. They just keep getting better! The whole family is addicted to these. The boy just spent his own money (!) on books 4 & 5. That’s a big deal for a teenager.

“Leviathan Wakes” by James S.A. Corey. Ed got this from the boy for his birthday and read it in about two days. It took me a little bit longer. I kept thinking, “there’s 150 pages left, and here we are at the climax. How are they going to fill the rest of the book?” and then it wouldn’t be the climax, and so on. Really entertaining.