Monday, December 03, 2012

In progress: November 2012

First Draft

“Fairfax”. Around 140K. I managed to keep working on this guy even through Nano. I was somewhat distressed this morning to realize that the ending (which WILL happen in December) feels a bit deux ex machina to me. Well, there are other drafts to go. And I have to get to the end.

NaNoWriMo Yes. 82,235, and the end.More on that later maybe.


Ha, yeah right. 


Biohazard (pullover) Did a few inches on the first sleeve.
CTH’s Marielund. Back (not really finished in October like I said – I wrote that in the middle of the month before I realized how long the edging on Night Garden would take), part of one front. 
“Ceremonial Armour”. KF cardigan.  Did half of one of the five pattern stripes.
"Tinker" socks.  2 1/3. The first one I knitted twice, in fact. The yarn is way over gauge, and due to the sideways-ness of it all, I couldn't tell how gigantic the sock was until I'd seamed the side, alas, and had to rip the whole thing out. I did one pair and enjoyed it so much I'm doing them again in the inverse colorway. Christmas gift.

Friday, November 30, 2012

What I read -- November 2012

“An Enemy at Green Knowe” by Lucy M. Boston. Was mentioned by Gemma Files, and it was short (being a MY novel) so I got it out of the library and read it.

“M is for Magic” by Neil Gaiman. Troll bridge was awesome.

“BlindSight” by Peter Watts. Signed by the author! I had to look up a lot of words. One of the really bad openings we discussed at the workshop at SFContario was the wakeup scene, and this novel has something like 50 pages of one of those. Though waking up conveys so much information, here it works.  

“Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse” by Rick Riordan. I’m somewhat amazed that I read four books this month, even if three were meant for pre-teens.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In process -- October 2012

First Draft

“Fairfax”. Around 130K, and I’ve just finished the climax, moving towards the denouement. Should finish this in November. Then what?

Work-related Story Prompt Project
·         66885: Interleaved fields show different inputs

NaNoWriMo planning
·         Outline
·         Logline
·         Characters
·         Research
·         Sign up
I got bogged down in a dilemma here. Nano is 50,000 words, though in 2009 I wrote almost 62K. “The Clairvologist” (terrible working title) is going to be at least 90,000 words. So I have to figure out what I can write now, so I can feel like I can say “the end” at the end of November and feel like I completed the challenge. I guess having done it twice, I’m not even considering not being able to write the required 50K. 
 Update (Oct31, 11:45PM): I realized that teh thing that's going to be dropped is the research. Oh well. 

·         66885: Interleaved fields show different inputs – second draft. 

“Night Garden” (Bome) fair isle cardigan. Finished!
Biohazard (pullover) designed by me! Body done to armhole, started first sleeve.
CTH’s Marielund. I’ve had the stuff for this for years and years (at least four years). I will have no trouble wearing this one, so I might as well make it, I figured. The back is done. Sure looks narrow! I guess it will stretch out when I wear it, being ribbing and all.
“Ceremonial Armour”. Cardigan knit from a photo in a Kaffe Fassett book. Cast on.