Monday, June 03, 2013

In process -- May 2013

First Draft
Even this section took a hit this month, because I decided Selkies needed a middle section, and wrote one that was 16 pages long. 

“This is the Church, and This is the Steeple”. Short story, probably benefitted from the Selkie story break because now I can see the end. 


“Selkie Girls are Easy.” I don’t know how I thought the first draft of this one wasn’t “that bad” because oh my god it was a mess. There was a missing sequence near the beginning. I wrote it as page-a-day for a few days. That whole thing about how writing is revision, and without some words on the page you have nothing to work with, I guess that’s true. I wish I could write better first drafts, but maybe I have to accept that this is just how I work.
Probably the most radical draft 2 change I’ve ever done. The story grew by something like 4000 words, even though I deleted tons.  


I tweeted like once. I commented nowhere. Rather than connecting more, I actually quit an email list about writing, mostly because I never read any of the emails, no longer belonged to the forum they related to, and just found the whole thing stressful. This depressed me a little, but it had to be done for my own sanity. I couldn’t even open the mailbox anymore, for days on end, it was so daunting. I am an epic fail at the social media. 

But actually, quitting the forum meant I could open that mailbox again without feeling overwhelmed, so I guess it’s a win, because now I can connect with the things that are left. 


2 out there.

7 rejects for 2013 so far. I need to finish more stories if I’m going to get this to 50, which is the goal.


“Biohazard”. (pullover) I finally finished the unattached portion of the second sleeve so I could join everything and do the FI section. Then I finished the sleeves and the front. So, just the upper back and neckline to go.

“Ceremonial Armour”.
KF cardigan. No real progress – but this is my “hard” project until I’m done the FI portions.

“Sunberry socklets”. Hated the toe. My feet are roman, not Turkish, I guess. Ripped it out and made it less pointy, which was really easy, so I’m good. Finished.

IK Vertex cardigan spring 2013. I had some wildly inappropriate BFL that I couldn’t remember what I bought it for, so I did the math to make it work for this. It’s wildly inappropriate because of the Christmas color scheme (parrot, not sure why) and the completely wrong gauge. Somehow I was hoping when I wound it from giant skein into ball(s because it got too big for the winder) it would look more subtle,  but instead it got worse. Maybe the blue will pool! But I doubt it. I may never wear this sweater, but it’s a nice shape, so I’m giving it a shot.