Friday, October 31, 2008


So a couple of days I thought I was done with this short story, and I wrote the last line of the story. I even dated it (that's how I can tell it's over). It was a little long, at 6600 words (I was aiming for 5000). But then I was walking to work, and I thought, "My, that was a lame ending. My endings are all crap." So yesterday morning, I scribbled out the date and wrote a bit more. And this morning I wrote a bit more again, and I dated it and called it done.

And still, that ending seemed lame. So a few minutes later, in the last paragraph, I scratched out "the Oak Ridges Moraine" and wrote in "that stupid moraine". Much better. Now I can move on.

But in the meantime, I was doing a little research about the Moraine, and I discovered that EGTourGuide lives on it. Only by one or two hundred feet, but I thought it was funny. Good for you, EGTourGuide, with all those excellent plants growing on that substandard soil, where in the olden days (you know, the 90's) most people used to think was only suitable for building subdivisions on. I guess that's why your soil is so sandy.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Tee hee. Yes we live on sandy soil. But the soil on top of the hill is clay.

Robyn said...

I guess the sand is how they can tell that you're on the moraine and the people at the top of the hill are not? Is all the new subdivision near you on the clay bit?