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Beadwork update

I started Beadwork on the 6th of September, and when I finished two pair of socks in the last few weeks, I started to be annoyed with the number of unfinished, and in fact somewhat abandoned, projects around the house. So I pulled out Beadwork with the intent of finishing something. Well, at least a sleeve. All I had done was 10" of the first sleeve, no body, nothing. So I was at least going to finish the sleeve.

I worked on it for about two weeks.

And then Saturday morning, I had to pull out about 12 rows (just over an inch) because I realized I had made a planning error in the sleeve cap (I'm modifying the pattern a little bit...) and when I started feverishly reknitting the rows I had lost, I realized that my right hand was going numb and losing its grip strength. And I thought to myself, "This isn't good."

I put it down and made myself lunch. And then I went back to Beadwork, and finished the 4-row rep that I was on. I had to stop every twenty stitches or so an…