Sunday, September 17, 2006

Such a joiner

So KBTH, where I have probably posted four times in four years, is having a knitalong for Jade Starmore's Beadwork, and I can never resist a knitalong where I own the instructions and the yarn already (no matter how badly KALs have gone for me in the past).

So I did this...

Beadwork "swatch" (sleeve) Posted by Picasa

It's Frangipani in Crushed Raspberry, a popular shade I'm thinking, because I've seen it used for a couple of other swatches on the KAL page on Yahoo Groups. I figured I'm a "Tight, bitter knitter" so even though the gauge seems to be a challenge, I would be fine, so I went one needle size and started. I'm resizing it sort of my own way. I like narrow sleeves, so I'm doing the child's Large 18 cm sleeve. That will fit my little wrists (people make fun of them at karate, they're so small and breakable looking) just fine. I'll make it longer, modify the body using the picture and my unique tastes, and end up with something... finished. My sleeve is 18.5 cm around. I figure, close enough.

In the meantime, can I finish this by Christmas?

Selbu to Sahara Posted by Picasa

I'm thinking yes. It's a good target. I have to do something like 15 rows a week, and I've said I would do that before and done it for a week and a half and then given up...