Friday, December 07, 2018

In Process -- November 2018

Persephone: Research and fitting stuff I have with the plot that doesn’t have a middle. I have an ending, though. My ending is awesome. The middle is non-existent. I'm finding I really have to fight the book I'm reading right now to keep it out of my characters and my worldbuilding. But that's a good thing because it's forcing me to work through problems in my head rather than replaying the easy bits.
WWS Chapter 12: I deleted a ton of my previous fight choreography because it was crap, and made it much simpler.

WWS Chapter 13: It was way too long, with tons of pointless dialog, but unlike some of the other chapters it seems to go in a logical direction so it might not be too difficult.

“Wind/Water/Salt”. Posted Chapter 12.

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Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Still half the front and collar and finishing to do.
FI Corset belt. Still 1.5 inches done. Ignored.
Socks. Finished the seventh and eighth. Started the ninth.

Monday, December 03, 2018

What I read -- November 2018

LHC #20: “The House of Shattered Wings” by Aliette de Bodard. Another one I’ve heard tons about. It lived up to its hype. 

“Mortality” by Christopher Hitchens. Not as depressing as I expected. The boy told me once that if he could have anyone’s career it would be CH’s… maybe without the rest of his life however. 

“The Year of our War” Steph Swainston (reread). I have no idea how she did it, but I read one chapter and I was already totally obsessed with Jant. This book woke me up at night and took over my mind and infiltrated my own personal Paracosm in a totally unhealthy way. I went back and looked at my comments from the first read-through (August 2011), where I said I was unsatisfied with the ending. This time through I didn’t have that problem, but that might be helped by the fact that I have the next two in waiting on my TBR stack. Also, I seem to have misremembered some important plot points, which added to the stress of reading this book. Even the thought of starting book 2 is causing me anxiety. So did lending the book to the boy. He’d better read it promptly and give it back!

LHC #21: “Consider Phlebas” by Ian M. Banks. The second book I’ve read by him. Ahem, quite different from the first one (The Wasp Factory). It’s a functional space opera, but it might have suffered from adjacency – being read after or probably between the Jant stuff. The main character just seemed so unengaging, in comparison. Or maybe space opera really isn’t my genre. So now I’ve read a Culture novel, but I don’t feel like I have to read another one.

LHC #22: The Worst Witch” by Jill Murphy. I read this because it was on the list and it was short, to be honest. It was quite charming!

LHC #23: “Steeplejack” by AJ Hartley. This also really worked for me. The subplot with the baby made me uncomfortable but it was a tidy little mystery with an awesome main character and worldbuilding.

Friday, November 09, 2018

In progress -- October 2018


Persephone: I love this project. I think I’ve got a plot and an antagonist and a setting…

WWS Chapter 12: This is a Preston chapter. I went back and made some improvements to two previous Preston chapters. Unfortunately it has a fight sequence, and wow my fight choreography is bad. 

A fun exercise would be to go through all the Preston chapters as a group, all the Fairfax ones, all the Abigail ones…

WWS Chapter 13: Would the world end if I posted this prior to Chapter 12? Probably...
“Wind/Water/Salt”. Will I ever post Chapter 12?

I did take up Chapter 2 though. 

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it came back. 

Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Started the month with half the front and collar and finishing to do. There is no way this will be finished in November now.
FI Corset belt. Started the month with 1.5 inches done. Ignored.
White Lanyard. I needed this for my referee costume. It took about 45 minutes, plus several weeks to motivate myself to do it.
Socks. Finished the fifth and sixth. Started the seventh. I learned a new cast-on and a new way of doing short rows (both German).