Friday, November 09, 2018

In progress -- October 2018


Persephone: I love this project. I think I’ve got a plot and an antagonist and a setting…

WWS Chapter 12: This is a Preston chapter. I went back and made some improvements to two previous Preston chapters. Unfortunately it has a fight sequence, and wow my fight choreography is bad. 

A fun exercise would be to go through all the Preston chapters as a group, all the Fairfax ones, all the Abigail ones…

WWS Chapter 13: Would the world end if I posted this prior to Chapter 12? Probably...
“Wind/Water/Salt”. Will I ever post Chapter 12?

I did take up Chapter 2 though. 

Critted 9
Got back  1

it came back. 

Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Started the month with half the front and collar and finishing to do. There is no way this will be finished in November now.
FI Corset belt. Started the month with 1.5 inches done. Ignored.
White Lanyard. I needed this for my referee costume. It took about 45 minutes, plus several weeks to motivate myself to do it.
Socks. Finished the fifth and sixth. Started the seventh. I learned a new cast-on and a new way of doing short rows (both German).

Thursday, November 01, 2018

What I read -- October 2018

LHC #19: “In the Garden of Iden: a novel of the company” by Kage Baker. This was totally my bag. I was a little anxious towards the end that things were going to come out too neatly, but KB did not let me down.

“Black Wolves” by Kate Elliott. I got it for Christmas 2015 and I’m finally getting around to it now. It came as somewhat of a relief that the rest of the trilogy hasn’t been published yet, because I’m intimidated by books that are over 800 pages long. Actually, I’m probably intimidated by books longer than… 500 pages maybe? It took a couple of hundred pages to get going. I didn’t really connect with any of the characters…

 “Necessary Evil” by Ian Tregillis. So I finished this series. In this volume, there are two versions of Raybould Marsh walking around, and I thought it was handled really well.

Oh, and I finished season one of Avatar: the last airbender. Not a book, but story nevertheless.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

What I read, September 2018

LHC #17: “Bitter Seeds” by Ian Tregellis. I’m back at the top of my library list working my way down, so I have no recollection of why I requested this. IT has quite the way with making his characters suffer, so much that I thought to myself about 200 pages in, “is this grimdark?” and then googled to find that, more or less, yes. The ending was such that I had to request the next in the series. 

LHC #18: “Urban Forests: a natural history of trees in the American Cityscape” by Jilll Jonnes. Starting this book, I was hoping it would talk about endothermic reactions. This is not that book. It’s more of a society pages of American trees. The organizational structure took a while to grok, but eventually I settled in. 

Sometimes this seemed like an endless list of names I didn’t know. At the same time, the sections about the civic response to epidemics was really enlightening. As was the way the different levels of government and the different NGOs dealt with things and interacted. When I was done, that stuck with me more than anything else – all politics ultimately is local politics, which with what’s going on in Ontario now is important to remember.

“The Coldest War” by Ian Tregillis. It’s interesting I’m getting sucked into more series. Normally I can stop after book 1. This did not seem like an afterthought, though. I guess I’ll request book 3 now…

LHC #20: “The buried Life” by Carrie Patel. The worldbuilding is cool, but I think police procedurals are not my bag.