Monday, September 10, 2018

In Process -- August 2018

Daily efforts
Bonechill (that horror novel): The scene I’m working on is earlier than I thought. Also came up with some backstory. I need to put this on hold because I  can’t take the distraction. And what I need to focus on is WWS.
That huge pile of notes: Just gets bigger.
Also figured out how to fix a short story. Or something to do with it to entertain myself, anyway. Not sure it’s better, just different… 

“Wind/Water/Salt”. So close to posting Chapter 11.
I also made a schedule for taking up the other stuff in OWW, because it’s stupid to post things and then never take up the comments. And this was how I got through Chapter 1.

Critted 7
Got back nothing because I didn’t post anything.


Same one is still out there…

Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Started the month with the sleeves and half the back done. Finished the back and started the front, so I’m on schedule. 

FI Corset belt. Started the month with 1.5 inches done. Ignored.
Socks. Started the month with less than 2 inches to go on the first sock. Finished that and the next. Started the third.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

What I read -- August 2018

LHC#14: “The Seven Basic Plots” by Christopher Booker. I kept deferring this one owing to its vast size. But it’s summer so I figured I could make it work. Then I accidentally committed to reading those Kate Elliott books and wound up having to make a schedule so this could get done. Fortunately it was easy to read short bits at a time. The first 200 pages were good. I made notes! It was really heteronormative, and I wish he’d used the word “cardboard” a few less times. CB seems to really miss feudalism and lacks self-awareness.
My favorite part was where a previous reader marked in some copyedits – duplicate words, crossed out the occasional adverb… 

LHC#15: “Arabella of Mars” by David Levine. I needed something light after the slog that I just finished. This was totally the right book! The only thing that annoyed me was, next time I read a book that has a girl masquerading as a boy to do some cool shit, I want her to find out that like 20% of the people she’s hiding her gender from are also hiding their gender because they’re also girls doing cool shit. I’m tired of there always being only one girl who gets to do cool shit.

LHC #16: “Archivist Wasp” by Nicole Kornher-Stace. It wasn’t exactly next on the list, but I’ve heard so many good things, I just wanted to read it. It did not disappoint. Great characters.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

In process -- July 2018

Daily efforts
Bonechill (that horror novel): I went back to this and just started a different section because I couldn’t face editing WWS any more.
That huge pile of notes: still making notes; reading all that Kate Elliott changed how I look at these characters a bit. I also had a structure revelation.

“Wind/Water/Salt”. Over lunch with the boy I realized how to fix Chapter 11, which is by giving the main character what he wants but making his life worse in the succeeding of it. To be honest, this is probably how to fix most of the chapters.

Critted 8
Got back 5

Same one is still out there…

Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Started the month with the sleeves and 6 inches of back. I may not actually hate doing intarsia – my problem might be with most intarsia patterns. This project has made me feel more kindly towards that Sasha Kagan book I look through but have never knit from, and also tons of Rowan patterns. Anyway, now I have 10 inches of back (this is half the back). If I’m going to have this done by late November, I need to finish the back in August, the front (which has much less intarsia) in September, and the collar (a lot of intarsia) in October, then do the finishing…

FI Corset belt. Started the month with an inch done.  Did maybe a half an inch. I must admit, I’ve chosen horrible colors and terrible yarn. At least belts are small. If you can call eight inches wide small.
Socks. Started the month with the toe of the first sock done. I ran out of the first ball of yarn (I have two) a couple of inches from the top, necessitating an emergency holiday trip to Michael’s, but the crisis has been averted. That first sock is almost done.

Finished sewing a dress. All that was left was buttons and buttonholes so this wasn’t a stretch. Started a skirt. I hope this goes faster, because that dress took like a year.