Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Queen's Fool

Tuesday nights are for band practice. We get a break about half-way through, and being a shy extrovert (someone who likes to be around people but doesn't want to interact with them) I usually take an activity. Well, I packed the book I'm reading and the sock I'm working on.
The band is predominantly Jewish. I don't know why, I don't think it's relevant, but often we plan concerts and rehearsals around whether there will be a decent turnout -- attendance is bad around passover, for example, because people need to clean their houses and wash a lot of dishes.

Anyway, I'm reading "The Queen's Fool" by Phillipa Gregory, which is about a young woman who is a Marrone - a Jew pretending to be a Christian - who has fled the Inquisition in Spain and come to the English court during the reign of Queen Mary, I think England's last Catholic queen. I ordered it on intra-library loan because I'd read what I thought was a prequel, "The Other Boleyn Girl", set in Henry VIII's court. After 398 pages of this one, I liked the first one better. (You don't have to have read one to enjoy the other, or read them in order. My sister read "Queen's Fool" first. I picked up "The Other Boleyn Girl" at my younger sister's house on a whim, and just started reading and got sucked in.)

I feel sort of guilty about my logic on the book choice thing. Anyway, I took it wanting to be asked questions about why I'm reading a book about a Jew, or taking an interest in the issues of Jews in the renaissance. But then I felt absurd, and never took it out.

Didn't take the sock out, either. I chatted with the boy for 20 minutes about his homework.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bad Math

Yesterday I knit 14 rows of the Peacock Feathers Shawl, and on a whim I decided to calculate how many stitches I had done and how many I had to go. I figured I'm on row 175 of 250, so I'm getting close to being finished, right? This shawl starts with 3 stitches and increases linearly, four stitches every right side row. So, I took the number of stitches I have right now and divided by two. That's the average number of stitches per row. Then I multiplied that by 175, and discovered that I've done roughly 30,000 stitches. Good for me!

Then the bad part. I shouldn't have done this. I took the final number of stitches and divided it by two to determine the average number of stitches in the average row of the entire shawl. I multiplied that by 250, and I got 61,750. I'm almost half-way finished. There's no way I'm going to be done by April. I'm so depressed.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Today I did this:

find your inner PIE @

But the funny thing is, I hate pie.

Last night I finished Immortal. I'm wearing it now. It fits a lot better than AS Cromarty, which I wore yesterday. Maybe I'll take a picture later.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do about Admonition, which is the sweater I started two weeks ago out of the purple Dale Sisik I bought on January 9th. The ribs look too close together on the body, I think.

Maybe I'll finish it the way it is. Maybe I'll post a picture later. I took one last night, but instead of posting it, I watched "The Daily Show" and went to bed. Maybe I'll take what I've done (first side, up to the arm holes) and start again with another ball of yarn, and once they're the same size, then I'll decide.

Last night it took me less than five minutes to get the pictures off my camera. Apparently the "canon website" trick works. If I launch the Canon website, the camera connects immediately. I was chatting with an IT guy here at work this morning (he was installing MS Project for me) and he suggested the Canon website might trigger an automatic poll for Canon products. Interesting theory. All I can say is, it works and I'm not going to complain about that.

Half an hour later:

I had meant to say something about what Marilyn said. I posted a "I won't be suing anyone for putting socks on their sleeves" post to, and she said it was mighty brave of me to post over there (they didn't like the sock scarf I guess). She said I should try to get into IK.

She's right, of course. I much prefer IK as a magazine. I always have, though I usually buy both. Though lately I haven't been able to find Knitter's in stores here. Weird, I wonder if it's just me, the planets conspiring to keep me from buying that mag any more. Perhaps I should ask on Knitting Canadians, because I saw the Winter issue in the Border's in Danvers, MA at Christmas.

IK sent me the nicest rejection letter I've ever gotten, also. they kept my black tank for several months, and Pam said she was considering putting it in this issue, and that issue, but there wasnt' space, and she thought rather than keeping it forever she should send it back. Much nicer, and more personal, than the Knitter's two-sentence form rejections, of which I have a larger collection.