Friday, May 06, 2016

What I read -- April 2016

“All Those Vanished Engines” by Paul Park. What a great title! I don’t know why I requested this originally, but it came and I wasn’t really in the mood for a “difficult” book. And it looked difficult. The blurbs made it sound difficult. But then I started, and I read like 50 pages (20%) in a sitting, so clearly it was fine. I didn’t really know what was going on most of the time. The characters were interesting, but after a while I lost track of time and who was who. This book might have gone better for me if I’d read it over a couple of days, rather than a couple of weeks. If I read it again right away, it might all make sense. Alas, it was a library book and already overdue, so that’s not going to happen. 

“The Raven King” by Maggie Stiefvater. When this came in the mail the boy took off with it, and then said “read it by Sunday, we need to talk.” Not a problem actually. Though that conversation went something like
Oh my god Noah.
Oh my god Glendower.
Oh my god Cabeswater.
Oh my god Mr. Grey!
Oh my god Maura.
It probably didn’t help that Ed was wandering around, and he gets it next, so we couldn’t really say sentences with spoilers in them. Though really we were communicating pretty well.

Monday, May 02, 2016

In Process -- April 2016

1st draft

“Water Leopard”. Had roughly 44,250 words at the start of the month. Now it’s more like 52,000.


"Lucky Kate”. Done.
“The Cicatrix Diary”. Almost done. 
“Volcano”. Typed.


Ad Astra.




Tilted Duster (Norah Gaughan IK Fall 2007). Done.
Rust Damask Jacket (Takle & Kolstadt). At the start of the month I had about 3” of the second sleeve done, and one row of the neckband colorwork, after having just ripped it out which sucked because I had to redo the setup row on the stranded portion, and that’s always the hardest part. I’ve now finished the colorwork on that neckband, meaning this project has both an easy/mindless component (neck) and hard/attention component (sleeve) and then it will be done. Unfortunately, neither part is portable.
DragonFruit Socks. Just started, so I would have something to carry around. I lost a “faithful reader” a couple of months ago and inherited all her sock yarn. There’s no place to keep it, so I guess I need to knit a whole bunch of socks. Socks for Everyone! These ones are for me. 
Boot Topper Socks.
Gift, because it's not all about me... just mostly.