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Cooking with the boy, week 2: Transylvanian Goulash

The boy likes meat, and I'm meat ambivalent, which makes it kind of funny that he suggested bruschetta for this meal, and I suggested goulash. And I only wanted it because Steven Brust mentioned Szekely Gulyas on twitter maybe a week before. And I googled.

The recipes:
Stephen King's Transylvanian Goulash
Rachael Ray's Bruschetta

We did the first few steps of the goulash, which involved onions, bacon, and pork, and then wandered off for 45 minutes before coming back and doing the rest of the goulash and the entirety of the bruschetta.

This was not the bruschetta he envisioned, I think. His dad must do bruschetta with cheese. We'll do that in a few weeks when we do Shakshuka again.

I chose this goulash recipe because it looked like it took less than 90 minutes, and because it didn't have an instruction at the end to wait 24 hours and then reheat and add the sour cream and serve. We would have DIED of hunger if we'd done that.

The boy was interested in the cost of…