Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Norah Gaughan's Ribbed Lace

Yeah, that's right, I've started another sweater, and I haven't finished anything. this means that on the needles, I have four sweaters, all of them winter, and one swatch. Not good. I don't have a summer sweater on the needles at all, and well, it's summer now.

Ribbed Lace from GOL Posted by Hello

The yarn is Elann's Baby Silk in color Pistachio. I started with a sleeve, because that's like making a swatch... right? The gauge is spot on.

But I did make a hat for the wee lad Ian. Ed really wanted me to make him one. And the boy wants one of these now, too. I guess I'll have to make him one, since I have enough yarn left over still.