Thursday, February 26, 2009

Type, type, type, type, type, type

I might have mentioned I've been typing out Essence of Angel. I’m trying to do 10K per week. Typing it serves two purposes:

  • I can fit it on a CD or a USB key and stick it in my fire safe, and eventually in 10 years when everything is typed, I will no longer need the giant filing cabinet (yeah, right)
  • I can edit it if it’s typed; I can't really edit longhand

I’ve got about 41K. Text ColorLast night I was typing chapter 18, and I realized, if I broke the chapter in half and moved part of Chapter 13 (which is exceptionally long -- maybe 5K) into the middle, then a lot of character actions would make more sense. Except it would entail rewriting the first part of Chapter 13, and then I'd have to give Chapter 14 a completely different reason to be there...

You'd think that would be disheartening. All I thought was "Yay, I'm moving things around again!"It makes me feel like I'm really editing.

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