Monday, January 02, 2006

Post Xmas blather

I got a ball-winder and swift for Christmas, and I just made this.

My first ball Posted by Picasa

That's a lot easier than the ones I made with my nostepinde.

Oh, and the yarn was the Christmas present I bought myself (You know the average person buys themselves a gift, and its average cost is $87) -- eight skeins each of Rowan 4-ply in Holly and Gingerbread.

The ball is Gingerbread. My total was $78 or so. I bought it at Webs because by the time I got back from a lunch the day it went on sale at Elann, there was only one shade left, and not mine.

For Christmas I also got Scarf Style from my sister (because I asked for it because so many people raved about it, though I had never seen it) and I gifted myself with "Mary Thomas's book of Knitting Patterns" while we were at Borders on the 29th.

While I was there, I looked at lots of knitting books, because the stores in the US seem to have so many more books than Chapters does in Toronto. (I will save my rant on that topic for some other day.) I considered Sarah Dallas's new book, but didn't buy it because I decided all I liked about it was the styling on the cover sweater. I considered "Handknit Holidays", the Tricoter book, and "The Knitting Experience: Color" but I just wasn't in a buying mood, I guess. Oh, and I considered a lot of sock books.

This year's only knitted gift was socks for my older sister, by request. I made the Pomatomus socks from Knitty, but I didn't even take a picture before I gave them away. They came out awesomely, and were well received.

I think I will go make another ball of yarn now. That was too fun.