Thursday, April 12, 2018

What I read -- March 2018

Library Hold Challenge #4: “A Rope of Thorns” by Gemma Files. Book 2. I read book 1 in 2011, but I don’t think it was incredibly important that I remember all the details to enjoy this one. Which I certainly did. I really like the voice and the humor.

“Akira Vol 4” These still count because I still read “Infinite Jest” in my lifetime. I lack a certain critical vocabulary for reading manga, I think, because when I started this volume I kind of thought to myself, I really hadn’t a clue where we all were, so I read the synopses for the first 3 volumes on Wikipedia. There was some stuff I missed. The other graphic novel I read this year, Persepolis, I didn’t have the same problem, but that was written in much more of an obvious chapter-style, so this time I tried to slow down and see where the transitions were. This helped a lot.

LHC #5: “Welcome to Nightvale” by Joseph Finker. It took a little while to start tolerating the voice, but this moved right along. Maybe if I had any other context than just an occasional retweet turning up in my feed I wouldn’t have had that problem. There were some delightful moments in this book, but sometimes it felt like it was trying really hard.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

In process: March 2018

Daily efforts
That horror novel: Maybe 25,000 words.
That short story in my email: here’s where I practice editing.


Critted  5
Got back 4


Ann Boleyn (1998). Started the month with roughly 90 rows to go on the body.  Set aside for a couple of weeks to finish Arnhild. Did 17 rows.
Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Planned out the intarsia for the back.
Arnhild (Elsebeth Lavold: Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments). Finished. I really wanted it done before it was too warm to wear.
Nukumori (Knitty Winter 2017). I need a whole lot of legwarmers. These ones are black and white striped. I’ve done half of the first one.
Sewed collar on a dress