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In process: March 2018

Daily efforts That horror novel: Maybe 25,000 words. That short story in my email: here’s where I practice editing.
Accomplishments --
Connecting Critted5 Got back 4
Subs 1
Ann Boleyn (1998). Started the month with roughly 90 rows to go on the body.Set aside for a couple of weeks to finish Arnhild. Did 17 rows. Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me).Planned out the intarsia for the back. Arnhild (ElsebethLavold: Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments). Finished. I really wanted it done before it was too warm to wear. Nukumori (Knitty Winter 2017). I need a whole lot of legwarmers. These ones are black and white striped. I’ve done half of the first one. Sewed collar on a dress