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"The King of Attolia" by Megan Whelan Turner

The boy gave me this book for Christmas, probably as one of those gifts that's for me, but really for himself. I had given him "the Thief" which was the first book in the series, in the same spirit. I believe I reviewed "The Queen of Attolia" in January.

Well, this book picks up where the last book left off. It's all about Eugenides still, but the story is told this time through the eyes of an Attolian guardsman named Costas. He doesn't have a whole lot of respect for Eugenides.

One of the things I like about these books are the moments when the reader knows something that the character doesn't. For example, Costas receives a set of notes about a lesson that has been provided about the language of the Medes. He doens't know who theyr'e from, and I was of course saying "they're from Gen, aren't they?" You find out at the end that of course you were right. But she doesn't feel the need to tell us right away. I love that. It…