Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I love pasta. Yesterday I got new yarn from Elann called Filatura di Crossa Pasta in four colours: Black-n-tan, Strawberry, Gingham Pink and Vanilla Bean. I swatched some Strawberry during break at band practice.

Filatura di Crosa Pasta, mmmm... Posted by Hello

People kept asking me what I was making, to which I responded, "a swatch." Duh. What's it going to be? Three summer tank tops, assuming seven balls (1050 m) is enough for one. "Am I really going to make it that small?" Uh, no. It's neat, though. I've never used ribbon yarn before.

Maybe I'll cast on for real tonight. Or maybe I'll rip out the three-and-a-half rows of fair isle on Sting, which I'm not happy with, and which I just worked out a better peerie for. I've been unsatisfied with my peerie for two days now, and trying to come up with one for probably two weeks.

Sting, since you don't know, is the yarn that I had originally designated for Moor from Rowan's Yorkshire Fable. But with all these ideas floating around in my head, isn't it better to use one up than to knit something by someone else? And I was planning to knit Moor in the round and steek it anyway, so I was still going to have to think for myself and do math and the like.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thank God It's Over

Not the knitting project, I'm glad that's done, but I'm talking about the network problem that shut down my ability to upload pictures. Due to a catastrophe involving Sympatico tech support changing our account password, which caused the router not to work any more, I was only able to get one computer online. That computer belongs to Ed, and I didn't think I should be installing photo upload software on it that I have "concerns" about. (Maybe someday I will describe the hoops I jump through to upload photos.)

But Ed has returned from up north and fixed everything, and here it is:

Peacock feathers Posted by Hello

I purchased the Peacock Feathers shawl by Dorothy Siemens at Fiddlesticks Knitting over two years ago for a KBTH lace-along, and I did the swatch. I don't know what happened with the lace-along, I'm not really good at keeping up with these things. But, well, I'm done now. I didn't exactly plug away consistently on the shawl for all that time (the swatch spent about 18 months in the bag, to be honest).

I had a really hard time doing other things while knitting this shawl, but it wasn't exactly hard to do. I just had to pay attention. I have a really hard time finding the mistake I made (I figured it would block out -- I forgot to do a K3Tog about 30 rows from the end, and when I tried to fix it, I wound up with some really loose strands, and for a couple of minutes, I thought I was just going to have to rip everything out and start again).

I was just photographing it while Ed was reading me an article out of Pilot magazine, and I don't think he realized it's done. I wonder if he'll notice before he reads about it here?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

IK, or Just what Mar told me to do

Last Friday I sent a design package to Interweave Knits. It's my favourite knitting magazine, so I'd really like to be published there. I won't post a picture of the submission, just say it's based on some of my spiral ideas, it's a sweater named Sigyn (She was the wife of Loki in Asgard -- as opposed to the Orgress wife of Loki who spawned all those evil monsters), and I will knit it when the swatch comes back, whether IK buys it or not. I like it that much. I got the idea from helping the boy with a project about mythology.

Sunday I finished the second black Vine Lace sock. I didn't take a picture. I wore them yesterday. They are comfortable.

Wednesday I got Peruvian Silk Alpaca yarn from Elann in two colors, Peridot and Mocha Cream. I bought 20 balls of each. I was thinking it might be suitable for AS Aberlady or Cables and Lace from GOL. If I make the smallest size, it might be enough yarn.

Elann Baby Silk Posted by Hello

Before I start anything with it, or start Moor from Yorkshire Fable, I need to finish at least the back of Jean Moss's Manhattan. I did about 14 rows last night, so I must have less than eight centimetres to the shoulders.

Oh, and work on Admonition. I've got one sleeve done, part of the body and the second sleeve started. I started the body, but set it aside on waste yarn until I'd seen what a sleeve would look like and how much yarn it would use, and then started the second sleeve rather than put the body back together so I could get the satisfaction of finishing another ball of yarn.

Admonition back Posted by Hello