Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Polysyllabic Spree" by Nick Hornby

Why I read it: Nadine recommended it. (She also had lent me "About a Boy" the movie, which is based on a Nick Hornby book, and "Slings and Arrows" which is a TV show with nothing to do with Nick Hornby which I watched Season 1, Disk 1 of on the weekend, and really liked).

Tastes like chicken: It's not fiction, it's not non-fiction. It's a collection of essays from Believer magazine where every month he wrote a list of what books he bought, and what he read. It's very funny.

Bookmark: Store receipt from when I traded in something I got two of, and got this for 5-cents difference.

What I liked: His approach to literature is refreshing because it's not snobby at all. Either he liked a book, or he didn't. And there were plenty he abandoned.

Not so much: Too short.

Lessons learned: He spent an entire month on David Copperfield, and he read some books that are less literary, but also a good mix of bio and memoir and the like.

I would be more than willing to read some of his fiction. He's an entertaining writer. Maybe I'll request "About a Boy" from the library.


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