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In Process -- April 2012

First Draft“Fairfax”. Worked on my elevator pitch. I can tell I’m in the middle of this book now, because I hate its boring plot and boring characters, and feel like they’re just wandering around doing nothing. Or maybe they are.

God, I want to write “Lucky Kate”. May!

Editing“Apophis”. Went through the OWW notes that I could find and did another draft. Then I was at the flash fiction panel at Ad Astra, and one of the editors said “Why are you the person writing this story?” (not to me, but in general). With Apophis, I thought about that and realized that one of the characters is not autistic, he’s a robot. So that meant a lot of the dialog could go. I had a plan to finish this story “by the end of the week” and send it out, because everything needs a deadline and I can’t just keep writing the same story for two years, but then something else came up and I abandoned it because that was more important. I’ll do it in May.

Not Cold Enough. At Acro during March break, we had two inst…