Monday, July 09, 2012

the suckingness of trying to be historically accurate

It's killing me that I can't refer to William Blake's dark satanic mills, since he was born like 100 years after my story takes place. I don't know how I'm going to purge this wretched thing of all my accidental (what's the opposite of anachronisms? I know there's a word for it).

Thursday, July 05, 2012

In process, June 2012

First Draft

“Fairfax”. Around 100K, and not that close to the end. This sucker had better wrap up before November, that’s all I have to say. 

“Lucky Kate”. First draft finished. This was the reward for the thing I don’t talk about that I finished a draft 2 on sort of. Meaning I’d used my new editing system to achieve a target, and so I got to do something fun (which isn’t to say editing isn’t fun, but you know what I mean). It’s a first draft, so it’s horribly flawed, but there’s a frame to hang a story on there.




2 things. The same two things. To the same two places. So I didn’t send anything out.


“Joy” from Rowan Vintage knits. Put together, and done. (In April actually).

“Bome” fair isle, also known as “night garden” in these here parts. Cast on body, made it up past the pleats. (The sleeves were done in March maybe.) I feel like I’ve been working on this sweater forever. Right now I can do about seven rows a week, so I probably will be.

“Dalia” from IK, counterpane back cardigan. I did the counterpane and started the right side in April, and in May finished the fronts and started the first sleeve. In June I finished the second sleeve and blocked the thing and sewed the two seams, and it was done! A satisfying knit.

Rhombus socks. I needed something to carry around, and this was it. First one finished.

Button Up Socks. Rhombus just wasn’t that portable, so I started this. It wasn’t that portable, either. I had massive problems getting started. Thank for Ravelry explaining to me how to read the chart.Not that portable either, until I got to the foot.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What I read: June 2012

“Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen. So I, um, won a kindle fire at my holiday party a couple of months ago. This was the first book I read on it. I found it a nice form factor and comfortable to read off of, but I found it easier to put down and not pick up than an actual book, maybe because you have to turn it on. The wrap-up of Eleanor’s storyline seemed too easy to me, not that I wasn’t happy for her or anything, but I felt like it should have been less of a surprise and more motivated.

“Graceling” by Kristin Cashore. Oh my god, a book I chose myself! The boy wandered off with this when he’d finished all that GRRM stuff. He told me it was “a good first novel” which is damning with faint praise but whatever. However, when I was reading along, I could see what he meant; it lacked a certain elegance in execution. The idea was really cool, though. I loved Po’s grace. And the plot moved right along.

“The Fox Woman“ by Kij Johnson. I’ve read three of her short stories, and all have stuck with me enough that I’ve even forced them on other people (!). Those stories were 26 monkeys also the abyss, Ponies (which some people have gotten angry with me for recommending, but I think that’s what makes it effective), and some really disturbing thing about being trapped in an escape pod with a really tactile alien. Anyway, so I was happy to see she had some novels, and I requested the first one from the library. 

It’s told as three diaries woven together, the POVs charming and profound. I mentioned to my Japanese friend what I was reading, and she said, “Oh, children’s story,” so I told her there was a fair bit of sex. She asked me if they got married, and I said yes, so we agreed maybe it was the same one. The fox magic version of a fairy world was brilliant, also.

Fairfax update

In defense of my characters in this novel I'm writing, I can tell it's annoying them, too, that they are all clustered together talking instead of doing something about the threat they're under. It's not their fault; the threat hasn't ramped up yet.I am dying to see how I fix this section in Draft 2.

I am sorely tempted to skip ahead to the climax, write that and the denoument and say "the end", and stick the whole thing in a box for half a year to cool off. I've got at least 15,000 words to go, and I'm over wordcount already. 

Maybe a handstand will help.