Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Finally did it

Well, I have finally brought an end to my blogging virginity, after only about two years of hemming and hawing and saying I really ought to start a blog. I always want to do these things with the utmost of planning, but never make the commitment until I'm drunk or something and just all of a sudden do it.

So, we all owe this blog to the link at the top of QueerJoe.
That should give you a hint as to the main topic of my blog, eh? (Knitting)
That should give you a hint as to where I live. (Canada)

What have I been up to? (Nobody asked, but I'm the only one in here, so I'll ask it myself.)
Saturday I finished "Textured Tee" from Ram Wools, knit in Patons Grace, terra cotta color, which I thought was much more orange than red. I think of terra cotta as being a mid-west red, like the color of mesas or something, but this was more the color of melons or tangerines.

Perhaps what this blog needs is for me to learn how to upload pictures. Perhaps that will be my project for tomorrow.
Stay tuned!