Thursday, October 28, 2004

Apparently I suck at this

Well, tech writer or not, apparently I am a computer-illiterate booby, because I forgot where my blog was and how to get into it. But I've figured that out now. Perhaps I should Figure out how to post pictures.

Perhaps when I get my laptop (next week?) this will be easier.

Current projects:
  • Gold "Tipsy Knitter" socks from Socks x3
  • Self-designed lace and stripes sweater (been underway in some form or another for at least a year, plan to finish it next week)
  • "Lily of the Valley Pullover" from Jamieson's 3 out of Briggs and Little sock yarn in grey mist, which is decidedly blue-green (I've heard they have some problems with dye lot accuracy there, but I've found the yarn a dream to work with, at a great price -- assuming the garment works out, I'll have spent about $17.93, and I'll probably have a skein left over
I have $363 in my knitting budget for the rest of the year. Currently that's going to be four cones of Frangipani, some Rowan Yorkshire tweed 4-ply and about five books.

Over and out.