Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What I read -- July 2017

“Blood Oranges” by Caitlin Kiernan as Kathleen Tierney. The way she talks about this book made me curious. She thinks it was a mistake. And to be honest, maybe the triteness of Urban Fantasy doesn’t really suit her… themes? Writing style? General message? Interesting read, maybe not for the right reason.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. The boy had it lying around and for some reason he decided to read it (because exams were over, so reading could be fun again?) He talked it up so much, I said could I read it after (we actually traded – His Majesty’s Dragon for this). In the meantime we watched the movie and he pointed out all the places it deviated. An interesting game to me, since I took a class in adaptation in school. This being a paperback was a nice thing to carry around, while the other things were good to read when I was at home. Also, it didn’t hurt that the characters weren’t hard to keep track of since I’d watched the movie. Also, at a certain point it didn’t matter that much who they all were, I got the idea. A classic totally worth reading.