Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gerbils: Choose Gender Wisely

The above quote is a headline in my local newspaper. When I read it, the first thing I thought was, why is my local newspaper now writing articles aimed at gerbils? And the second thought was, I didn't know gerbils could do that.


The typewritten Essence of Angel was up to 20,000 words on Sunday night, but Monday I devoted to converting the first chapter to third-person, and taking out the bits that are inconsistent with the mythology I'm building into the story now. That took my wordcount down to less than 18,500. Still, I wonder if the first draft might have been over 200,000 words. Must learn to be more efficient with my first drafts.

Yesterday we went out walking in the golf course and the grassy areas underneath the highways and major roads near our house, and wow. Toronto is just full of culverts. I think interesting things would happen in those. I need to get a headlamp. Culverts are dangerous. Watch out for thunderstorms, and lycanthropes.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Gerbils may have abilities unknown to us mere humans. We humans don't know everything. ;-)