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A year and a day

It was a year ago yesterday that I started Manhattan. Now it sits on my drafting table with several hundred ends to be dealt with, and I can't seem to make myself work on it. Perhaps I need to cut myself a deal:

When I finish Manhattan and four other things:
+ Capelet #6 from VK Fall 2005
+ Matching Mittens (as yet unstarted)
+ Matching hat (also unstarted)
+ Jade
+ Matching hat (unstarted)
+ Matching gloves (unstarted)

...then I can buy HF Mermaid.

All right, that was six other things. I'm accepting of the fact that I need to buy som aran yarn in the meantime.

Sounds like a deal, though. Deal-making is what, the third stage of dealing with... well, death technically, but perhaps I'm a specially morbid person because I can apply the same system to choosing where to eat lunch.

Denial, Anger, Deal-making, Depression, Acceptance.

#@!$%?; Barbara Walker

My fault, really.

I was here:


And then I went to look at the book to find out how the armhole was going to be handled. I'm doing a set-in sleeve from the top down in the round, and the instructions are... well, spread throughout two or three chapters.

But that's no excuse for what I did. Rather than increasing four stitches every other round, I did them EVERY round. So I ripped it out.


That's what, four times now? Five?

I am so sick of this sweater.

Queen of the Frogs

I used to be queen of the universe.

Ugly increases

The increases here are really ugly and create a hideous gap.


And here I've created a hole because I did the increase on the wrong side of the pin a couple of times and tried to fix it without ripping it out, but I don't think I can fix that hole without major surgery.

So I'm ripping it out.

Fixed it

Last night I crocheted the shoulders and the sides and back of the neck of the Ribbed Lace pullover, and it feels much better now. It looks pretty much the same, but doesn't have the same sensation of collapsing around me, so I didn't take a picture.

I ripped out Jade to just below the "pickup for armhole" again, and last night during speeches at YMCA volunteer thank you night, I knitted about an inch back onto it. This time, I think I am happy. My increases line up neatly. I have the same number of stitches in each armhole, and across the back and the front. Only 4.5 inches and the stranded portion begins -- so I guess I'd better work on that chart.

And I tidied four blobs on Manhattan. If I do four a day, it will be done in 2005. Maybe that should be my goal.