Friday, October 14, 2005


Last night I finished the 12th ball of baby silk on Norah Gaughan's Ribbed Lace pullover. I wish I had a better name for it, because I know I'm going to love this sweater. The pattern has five staggered knots, and then launches into just ribs and lace the rest of the way up. I got to the bit above the knots, and then knitted until the ball was finished, because at midnight there was a "World's Best Helicopters" show on Discovery so it wasn't hard to get Ed to stay up past bedtime. I don't have any pictures. This would all make more sense if I had pictures.

And yesterday I got a card in the mail from IK saying they had received my package. I think that's a sweet touch, becuase it gives me the feeling they're considering my designs, rather than just looking at them and saying "There's no way we're printing that!" and shipping it all back immediately.

This is just an excuse to have a visual, since I've got no pictures.

Your Hair Should Be Purple

Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.
You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.
As my family knows, I've had a problem in the past with buying too much purple yarn, so I shouldn't be surprised. However, in the past year, most of my yarn purchases have been green. And I may be moving into a pink phase. I don't think there's any green on my list right now, three pinks, one purple, one blue, two greys, an orange and a gold.
That's eight. I would have to finish sixteen projects to buy all that yarn.

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