Sunday, October 16, 2005

In which I try to make up for the lack of pictures

But my camera battery is dead, which isn't an auspicious start. Hopefully the pictures will just fall into place smoothly later on.

Yesterday I started the front neck decreases on Ribbed Lace. I finished the decreases on the right (the instructions say to do both sides at once, but I find that to be living hell, so I was doing them one at a time). I held the work up to admire it...

And then I ripped out six inches. There was a mistake in a whole row right in the middle of one of the knots. In essence, I had forgotten the "rest row", which meant that my knot was two rows too short, squished in the middle. Now, it may be that no one else would ever notice. But as I figure that row is going to fall right across my chest, I would always be self-conscious about it.

That six inches was probably about one ball of yarn.

Rib Lace Front Posted by Picasa

But I was watching "A Fish Called Wanda" on Family Channel at the time -- who knew they had no commercials? And I got a bodhran for my birthday! And I ordered myself some birthday yarn! It's better that I order the yarn myself, becaue then I get the amount and color that I want. I ordered yarn to make Veronik Avery's Victoria Tank from IK Summer 2004. That's one of my favourite magazine issues ever, I think. I also have yarn that is meant to be Shirley Paden's Gibson Girl Pullover from the same issue, and lust after the Mags Kandis Serape Jacket.

Shockingly, I haven't worked at all on Manhattan by Jean Moss. I did buy some ribbon to put in the ribbing a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think I bought enough.

Manhattan by Jean Moss Posted by Picasa

I haven't worked on From Sahara to Selbu.

From Selbu to Sahara sleeve Posted by Picasa

I haven't worked on Jade. I noticed a couple of months ago that my front was four stitches narrower than my back, and that my stranded transition pattern is very large, and needs to be rethought, so I think I have to rip back and basically start again.

Jade by Robyn Posted by Picasa

Oh, and I can't concentrate because the boy is reading Magic cards at me.

Palette from KnitPicks Posted by Picasa

But I did get yarn since I last posted...

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Hey, you've really got this blog thing going! I'm still putting mine together on things like how to cook chicken for example.