Monday, October 31, 2005

I was apparently feeling dour this morning. Here I am wearing Ribbed Lace by Norah Gaughan from "Gathering of Lace". I wore it all day. The neckline is an inch lower now.

Rib Lace by Norah Gaughan Posted by Picasa

The sleeves are too long, also. If I had thought it through, I should have set them in. But this was meant to be a mindless project (as if!) and I'm relatively satisfied with the garment. Maybe next weekend I'll throw it on again and decide if I need to reinforce certain parts of it (neckline or shoulders).

While answering the door for Halloween trick-or-treaters, I worked on Jade. I wonder if I can be back where I was (almost at the armhole) by the end of the weekend?

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