Friday, January 24, 2014


Last night we were working on a move called Halfsie, which is like a pullover,but only with one leg. You wind up hanging upside down with one leg hanging onto the hoop. It's pretty uncomfortable -- so much so that I could only do it on one side (the right leg over).

Which led to a funny conversation. Do I have higher pain tolerance on one side than the other?

Last Friday we were sparring at karate, and it went on for quite a while. The longer you spar without a rest, the worse your control gets, so I was blocking badly and wound up covered in bruises. I went home and iced my left forearm and my left foot, and then it was bedtime and stripping down, I noticed that my right arm was also swollen. I hadn't even noticed!

Maybe it's because, being a lefty, I use my left arm more?

But I also tend to fight in right stance if given an option, which might be protecting my left side more. Weird.

Trying to add a picture. It will work better later.

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