Friday, January 03, 2014

In Process -- Dec 2013

First Draft
“Limering”. I’ve got about 22,500 words or thereabouts. 

“Wind/Water/Salt”. Spellchecked. This took far longer than it should have. I thought I was going for low-hanging fruit, and then I spent something over four hours at it.
All my editing time this month seems to have been spent knitting gift socks. I read five and a half chapters just so I could say I’d worked on it at all. 2014 will be better. This pass through will be another low-hanging fruit effort, mostly just deleting the repetitive bits and using up the notes.

I suppose SFContario didn’t end until Dec 1, so I can say I did something. 

2 out there.
9 rejects for 2013 so far.
I’d like to get 50 for 2014. That would be awesome! 

Hella Fair isle dress in Kauni. Peplum ¼ done. Need to do the neck and armholes, too, and then block and seam and it’s done!
Carousel socks (knitty). Finished.
Farmer McGregor socks (socktopus). Finished. Had to buy an extra ball of yarn because they were a gift.
Crowley socks (socktopus). Finished gift, four days after Christmas. Poor Ed, always gets his socks last, and late. But at least he got some, the boy says, who I suppose will get them for his birthday.
“Kaffeklatsch” (self-designed).  Started as a travelling project.
“Ribbon Chase” (self-designed). Started as a whim, a sweater based on the same principles as the carousel socks.
“Ceremonial Armour”. Ignored.

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