Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word of the day: Wendigo

I first encountered this word a few weeks ago on Leah Bobet's blog, but I skipped over and paid it no nevermind. Anyway, it caught my eye again today when I was reading a short story. So I googled it. In November, I did like an hour of research of first-nations (specifically ojicree) mythology when I was writing the zombie karate novel. How did I not find this? How did I not learn about wendigos (wendigoes?) when I was learning mythology in high school English? And manitous? One of my friends goes to Camp Manitou every summer. How did I not know? Was I asleep? Is this proof of my ADD which no one else agrees I have? What?

I'm not needing to culturally appropriate or anything, but it would have been cool to know.

Also, this is awesome: Not sure I ever finished a Heinlein novel. I know I didn't finish "The number of the beast" on account of I found it totally sexist. When I was 15.


ChiaLynn said...

I think my first exposure to the word Wendigo was on the cover of a horror novel.

Dahiana said...

Hey Robyn! are awesome. Im a green writer in university and I just recently decided that English is what I really want to do (and not science and chemistry and all that). Just wanted to say, keep it up! You've inspired me =)

longge said...

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