Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today (total): 5214; Total: 33,786

I"m not seeing this as a 50,000 word story right now, which is too bad, because I'd love to write "the end" on November 30, rather than have more story to write.

So we were out rollerblading earlier in an industrial park near the airport (they're the best place to blade -- no weekend traffic, few parked cars.) We played in a loading bay and I discovered muscles I didn't know I had. And I said to Ed, when he suggested one particularly steep hill that he had no intention of going down himself, "I don't think I could win NaNoWriMo with two broken wrists."

Seriously, the combo of karate and NaNoWriMo is giving me tendonitis. Maybe I should just read a book for a while now, rather than knit.

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