Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today: 3137 (before karate); Total: 26,702

This evening I took Ed to the Chizine book launch. I've been to a few book launches before -- my former boss's wife had two, I think. This one was very pleasant. As Ed said, "It's okay; we have to eat." This one was in a restaurant, which was fine.

I wanted to go because I still totally enjoy David Nickle's columns in the North York Mirror, and it's always good to go out and represent. I bought a book. It has a hand-drawn cyclops in it.

And now for the two degrees of separation moment. I recognized Leah Bobet from her blog. I probably scared her in my own special drunk way. Now I guess I'll have to comment over there sometime. She was not wearing her cool hipster glasses.

As Ed said afterwards: "That was fine. I guess we'll have to go to more of these. Hopefully one with your book." Yeah, really. Just another reason I need to take improv classes. I need to learn a persona that can interact normally with other humans.

Guess I should go write that other 1863 words now so I can call my day a success.

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