Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Payback" by Margaret Atwood

Why I read it: My sister asked for it for Christmas, and we have a little bit of a tradition in our family: when someone gives you a book, you say "how was it?"
Also, I read a review of it in Salon, and the review said 80% of it was good, and I was curious about both the topic, and whether the last bit was as bad as the reviewer had said.
Bookmark: Paybuck with Margaret Atwood's picture on it.
Tastes like chicken: The Amy Vanderbilt Etiquette book I bought last week. Not so much the other MA books I've read before, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I had a strong aversion to Surfacing.
What I liked: First of all, I really enjoyed the way she connected debt to wrecking the environment. As Elizabeth May said in the CDN election a couple of months ago, being Green means living within your means, which is a matter of fiscal policy as well as environmental.
Also, I've read some of the same books that MA referred to in this one. That made me feel smart. And the wry humour of MA's style really works for me. I liked the voice.
What I hated: Well, the Salon reviewer had a point with the whole Scrooge thing in the last chapter. It was extremely not subtle.
What I can steal: She's got a very distinctive voice. I can't steal that, but I can learn how she uses it in different styles of writing. Also, I liked the message, for the most part.

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