Monday, December 15, 2008

In which knitting a sock leads to an understanding of literature

Usually I avoid those royalist documentaries on the CBC, but I was trying to finish knitting a sock, and surfing to find something better would have used one of my hands, so I left the channel where it was. And thus, I watched "Prince Charles's Other Mistress", the story of Dale Tryon.

The whole time I was thinking to myself, some future Phillipa Gregory is going to write an awesome historical novel about this. In her sad demise, Dale jumped out of a window, or was pushed, and broke her back, and apparently went mad. I can see why people would want to write semi-biographical historical novels. If it was fiction, people would say it was too over the top, and no one would ever do that in real life.

More shockingly (if that's possible), in my lifetime, women are still more eligible to be the mistress of the Prince of Wales if they are married, and a woman will stay faithful to her husband after marriage until she produces a male heir, at which point it seems sort of like her husband can be completely compicit in pimping her out to whomever. This seems so Tudor to me.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

I saw that show too. Sadly, I don't think Dale Tryon went mad. She was already crazy by the time she met the prince. She was meeting with Charles, then telling the press all about it right after. She loved the spotlight. And look how she cozied up to Diana. Dale Tryon was a very weird lady.