Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Driving in Snow

Thoughts some people seemed to be thinking whilst driving home after karate last night in the snow:
  1. It has snowed an inch in the last half hour! I shall drive faster, in order to get home quickly, in case conditions get worse!
  2. There are three lanes on this street, and one other car. Perhaps I should tailgate her.

One of the sweetest moments of my life was one evening last winter when I was driving to band practice. it was snowing. I glanced in my rear view mirror, and there was an SUV driving way too close to me, the way they do. I glanced at the road in front of me. I glanced back in the rear view mirror, and the SUV was now facing the wrong direction in traffic, maybe 50 meters back, and miraculously, no one had hit it.

Sometimes when I just need a smile, I think of that.

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