Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday Night Rewrites -- April 5

I'd fallen totally off the wagon with this whole rewriting thing, so I decided to rethink the requirement. If I can't consistently force myself to do it, then there's no point. It just makes me feel guilty. So, I decided I need to open the computer file at least once a week, and look at the paper at least once a week.

And I did the former today. I read somewhere on a blog a system to use Excel to track chapters, and I knew my chapters in Toothbrush were all in the wrong order, so I've finished re-ordering them. Now I'm going to massage for a couple of weeks and then I'll print it again and try to read through it.

Maybe I would have better luck if I had tried with a short story first. Alas, I have no idea what to do with them when they're done, so there's no driving force to make me work on them.

Not that I really have any clue what to do with a novel that features probably 12-year-old girls. But there seems to be a market for them. Short stories seem to be written for other writers of short stories. I read them, but that's kind of a QED.

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