Thursday, April 17, 2008

e-blasted again

So I was sitting innocently at my desk giggling, and one of my colleagues said to me, "Stop laughing at the corporate e-blast, Robyn." First of all, how did he know that's why I giggled? Anyway, I replied, "How can I not laugh, when our major industry trade show is going on right now, and we can't have an e-blast about how many visitors have been to our booth, or anything like that. Instead we have a message about how we've secured strategic price reductions on rental cars." I mean, really. I bet if I take that e-blast and print it out and wave it around at the car rental place, I can get a discount too. And I'll post about it here.

Also in the same e-blast, I can nominate one of my colleagues for a corporate citizen award for people who display the highest ethical standards. If I win that award, I shall die of shame.

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