Wednesday, April 19, 2006

this isn't what I meant to write about but whatever

I didn't finish Sigyn. I didn't finish the pirate socks. The Jade hat is still in time-out. I didn't even work on Sahara to Selbu (or the other way around), though I did think about whether I should try to do something about the length error I made on the sleeve.

There's no way I'm going to reknit the whole sleeve for a half-inch error just above the cuff. Maybe I could snip it and remove the cuff, then rework it down, removing the affronting four rows. I think I will do the body the way it's written, then attach the sleeve, and make my decision at that point. It's just that the sweater's dimensions are already on the large side. I'm doing the smaller of two sizes, and it's supposed to come out 24 inches long. I have often shortened sweaters designed for that length to be closer to 20 inches, because I'm only 5'3". It's hard to tell from the "artistic" (Ed referred to it as Allanah Myles-like, but I bet the Norse photographer doesn't remember her) pose of the photo how long the sweater is.

I'll probably be more enthusiastic about finishing it when it's September and I can envision wearing it. Which means that I'll probably finish it in the spring of 2007, when I need to finish something to get a "finishing point" so I can buy more yarn.

Speaking of buying more yarn, I'm thinking I shouldn't. I was going to go on a yarn diet (did I ever mention I have yarn bulimia? No offense to people or people with friends with food bulimia) until I finished 19 projects. But that strikes me as wholly unrealistic. So I made a compromise: I won't buy yarn until I finish 7 projects, then I will buy one project. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat again.

So, 21 projects out, three in.

I started the Prairie Tunic from IK Spring 2006. Fathom just abandoned it, but I'm doing well. Apparently there's an error, though I didn't find it when I read the pattern. I think I don't notice errors that other people are stymied b y because I'm not sure I follow the pattern. However, I am lost without a good picture.

I'm using Tocatta in Cyclamen that I bought from Elann last month. Part of a March-long yarn binge. Ugh.

That will be one... then the socks and Sigyn... and four more, and I can buy more yarn!

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