Tuesday, April 05, 2005


On Saturday I went over to Chapters and looked at knitting magazines:

Family Circle Easy Knitting - Spring 2005
Everything looked too easy. I didn't buy it.

Knit-n-style June 2005
Nothing stood out to me. There were a couple of nice things -- a sweater with the bottom "rib" worked separately, kind of cables and lace, then the body picked up from there, and a sweater where the sleeves were lace and the body was solid. But nothing struck me as terribly unique. The models did seem less shiny than usual, but still, I didn't buy it.

Knitting (UK mag) April ? 2005
There was one nice all-over cabled cardigan with a stripe of a different color above the ribbing. Nothing else stood out to me. Nothing ever does in this magazine. Wow, another Sasha Kagan floral, too many easy sweaters. I considered buying it for the short row article, but then I thought to myself that I have that covered in books already, so I should save my money for stuff on my list.

Sandra April ? 2005
The shapes were all oversized and boxy. There's always some interesting shaping between cables and stuff like that, but I couldn't really tell how this issue was different from the one I bought about this time last year. So I didn't buy it.

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005
I bought it. I knew I was going to even before I opened it up. In fact, I probably went to the store just to pick up this issue. I like the Debbie Bliss Tennis Sweater that Wendy is knitting right now, and a lace wrap thing, and the hoodie (which seems like it would hang weirdly, but if I pinned it, it would be adorable.

Oh, and I finally received my two cones of Frangipani in color Greystone.

Frangipani in Greystone Posted by Hello

I love this color. Now that I have three sweaters worth of this yarn, perhaps I should start a project with it, so I know if I like it or not.

Well, maybe after I finish this.

Minerva Posted by Hello

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