Monday, November 29, 2004


I'll start with this:

The original sock scarf. I don't think it's that bad. Posted by Hello

And here's an update on Lily of the Valley.

This is why we block. The lower sleeve is the one I finished a few weeks ago. The upper is the one I finished yesterday. It's a bit wizened. Posted by Hello

The body is blocking right now... well, half of it is. I blocked the front on the weekend, and this evening I blocked the front. I three-needle bound off the shoulders, so it's kind of tough to work with right now. But I can't work on it, so I started this:

This is my new swatch. I wanted to see which colors I would like, and I think I'm going with the red and tan (top right corner). Posted by Hello
I also wanted to see what needles would work. The pattern calls for US3. I like US2 with this yarn. It's going to be Manhattan by Jean Moss.

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