Monday, November 15, 2004

Lily of the Valley

Project report: Lily of the Valley Pullover

Pattern from: Jamieson's 3

Yarn: Briggs and Little Sport

I have altered the body of the garment by making the armholes deeper (two inches, rather than one-and-a-quarter) and making the V deeper (I really should post a photo of mine, you can see the difference), which necessitated adding some shape to the sleeve cap.

Lily of the Valley Pullover Sleeve Posted by Hello
You can't tell from this picture, but it really needs blocking.

I started this sweater back in early May. I did the back in about a month, the front in about four months, and then yesterday I finished the first sleeve. The sleeve took me a week. I think I will allow myself two weeks for the second sleeve, and then a week for the finishing. So, if I also finish the socks I started on Friday, I will be buying that Frangipani I've been lusting after on around December 5.

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