Tuesday, July 04, 2017

In Process -- June 2017

Daily efforts (formerly 1st draft)  
Edited Chapter 6 and 7 of WWS. Wrote a lot of new content for Ch 7.

Accomplishments (formerly Editing)
“Wind/Water/Salt”. Sent it to a friend to read.

Critted 6
Got back 4

I won that contest I entered.

Ann Boleyn (1998).  Last month I barely worked on this. This month
20 rows.
Okracoke cardigan (Shirley Paden). At start of month I had 7.5 inches of back done.  Now it’s at 16 inches. I finished the first of five balls of yarn at half-way up the back and decided, especially since there's a hood and the yarn is going to be discontinued, I'd better order another ball. Sigh.
Nomia sock (Knitty SS 2017). I was maybe halfway down the leg on sock #1 at the start of the month. These are on some rather short square needles, and I found the stitches fell off all the time! I finished that first sock and started the ribbing of the second. 
Shell Tank (Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan). Needed something mindless to knit at home, wanted something I could wear now not in October. I’m using cone acrylic I was gifted, stranded double. It's done. I wore it yesterday. It didn't fall apart!
Also finished sewing a skirt. I'm wearing it now. It hasn't fallen apart yet either.

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