Monday, April 03, 2017

What I read -- March 2017

“The rib from which I remake the world” by Ed Kurtz. This one must have been recommended by Gemma Files, whose tastes align oddly well with mine.  I devoured it.

“vN: the First Machine Dynasty” by Madeline Ashby. Somewhere I heard that the opening is awesome and disturbing and full of robot cannibalism. What’s not to like there! It was a fast read. Sometimes it felt too easy to get away from the characters we weren’t interested in, while everyone who caught up was someone we cared about.

“Devine Fury: a History of Genius” by Darrin M. McMahon. The first two chapters were pretty harrowing, because they were all about geniuses with whom I am not familiar. Once it got to Mozart and Newton and the modern chapters, it was a little better. The second half was better, though the book seemed a little obsessed with Hitler’s genius, and there was about one woman mentioned: Mary Shelley, who wrote a book about a genius in order to avoid having another boring threesome with some other geniuses but whatever (this is not how DMM wrote about it, but whatever).

Over dinner, while I was complaining about it, my family asked me why I was reading this book (other than the obvious ‘finish what you start’ dictum). I often like histories that are of a specific thing, because they provide a filter or a perspective. And it wasn’t too long.

“To Hold the Bridge” by Garth Nix. Turns out short story collections are great for when I don’t want to commit to an entire novel, like when I’ll be picking up a library book in a day or two. This made some 2015 year’s best lists in Locus (I’m a little behind reading Loci), so I pulled it out of the boy’s TBR pile.

GN’s voice in the old kingdom stories is so right. His other things are good too, but for some reason these stories hit a sweet spot for me.

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