Friday, April 07, 2017

In Process, March 2017

1st draft

I’ve been spending my daily time on WWS as much as possible, since first drafts have never been my problem, and editing and finishing things and letting people read stuff have.

A friend told me to do a contest, so I wrote a 2000-word story using the same main character from the haunted house project, which now has to be cut down to 1300-1500 words, but I have a month…


“Wind/Water/Salt”. I've hung onto this post for a week now, hoping I'd manage to get chapter 4 posted to OWW. I did take up Chapter 1 OWW commentary. I so wanted to put up Chapter 5 as well but I just couldn’t get it together. 


Critted 9

Got back 2 but one was an EC so it was worth it.

I have come up with an amazing (!) process for getting through the crits people give me. I read the chapter first to myself with some goal in mind, and realize WHAT CRAP it is. Then I read those other assessments that aren’t nearly so harsh.


Ann Boleyn (1998).  Working the body down from the armpits, I did three quarters of a pattern repeat (the complete rep is 66 rows). If I can do 16 rows per week I might finish this by fall. That would be awesome.

Okracoke cardigan (Shirley Paden). Started the month with about 5 inches of back. Now I have 7.5.

Sheer Beauty (Knit, Swirl). Started the month with five bands done. Did nine more.

Wrenna (French Girl Knits). I need something smaller to work on so I get the satisfaction of finishing something like ever. Also, I was sort of gifted all of my SO’s mother’s yarn, so I have a lot, and there’s a memorial for her in a couple of weeks, so I thought to wear something made from her yarn to that would be nice. It’s about a third done.

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